Brian Zawilinski

brian_zawilinskiMaster Brian Zawilinski is currently an Active Member of the IMAF, LLC., and is appointed to the Steering Committee level. Master Zawilinski has studied the martial arts for most of his life and has a strong focus in kenpo and Hun Yuan Tai Chi . He first studied Modern Arnis with Professor Presas and Sifu Lee Lowery in 1981. Master Zawilinski is 21 year veteran of the Connecticut Dept. of Correction, and is currently a Captain/Investigator. He has spent many years serving on Emergency Response Teams, the DOC K9 Unit, and he has been conducting tactical training (including PR-24, Expandable Baton, OC, cell extractions, Behavioral Management, and restraint applications) for most of his career. He currently resides in central Ct. and is devoted to spending time with his wife and two daughters.




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