Founder & Grandmaster “Professor” Remy Amador Presas established the International Modern Arnis Federation (IMAF) to perpetuate Modern Arnis worldwide. The IMAF will provide for the ethical governance and implementation of Modern Arnis training. The IMAF will provide for the disciplined, rigorous, and systematic training in Modern Arnis, to include (1) the Way of the FLOW, and (2) the Art of Tapi Tapi.

The IMAF will provide leadership, growth, and comprehensive mental and physical training in the Remy Presas Modern Arnis system in its entirety. The IMAF member arnisador will learn to embrace and apply the Way of the FLOW in Life. Ultimately the Modern Arnis practitioner will learn (1) self-discovery and self-control, (2) achieve personal excellence, and (3) gain self-mastery, in the face of Life’s daily uncertainties, challenges, and opportunities.