IMAF Memberships & Benefits

Dear IMAF Members and Fellow Martial Artists,

As many of you are aware, we are approaching the 12th anniversary of Professor’s passing. Since his passing, the Masters of Tapi-Tapi, along with their fellow IMAF members, have been working to continue spreading this amazing art and ensure the Professor’s legacy lives on.

We would like to thank all of you for continued support, time, passion and efforts in being part of our Teacher’s legacy. Without everyone’s contributions and energy, the success of IMAF would not have been possible.

There have been several changes in recent months:

(1) Due to personal reasons, IMAF Masters of Tapi-Tapi, Randi Schea and Jim Ladis, have decided to go on “inactive status.” We are grateful for all of their effort and contributions over the years.

(2) In January of 2012, the IMAF was streamlined, is now IMAF, LLC based in Connecticut and is being run by Masters Chuck Gauss, Brian Zawilinski, Ken Smith and Gaby Roloff.

(3) The base of operations has been moved from Texas to Connecticut (or as Earl would say “from southern Texas to Northeast Texas”). Lee Anne Brophy will be working closely with the Masters to carry out some of the necessary administrative tasks at hand.

We have been reviewing the IMAF operational plan, as well as how to improve our service and benefits to all of our members.

Our website,, remains active and has been undergoing some changes and upgrades. Wayne Tanguay continues to be our webmaster. Please continue to check in on the website for additional updates and information as we move forward.

One of the first projects we are working to accomplish is an overhaul to our memberships and related benefits.

We are going to offer three types of individual membership:

(1) 1 year basic membership: New members will pay $55.00 for the first year and renewals will be $35.00. This membership will be effective from July 1st through the following July 1st. With this membership you will receive a ten percent (10%) discount on all IMAF camps.

(2) Life time membership: For a one time fee of $500.00 you will receive the usual ten percent (10%) discount to all IMAF camps. You will also receive a one of a kind stick signed by all the Masters.

(3) V.I.P./Elite membership: For a one time fee of $750.00 you will receive a hand crafted IMAF signature training blade and a one of a kind stick with all of the Masters’ signatures. In addition, you will receive your normal ten percent (10%) discount on all IMAF camps. The Masters also decided that you will receive discounted rates for private lessons with any of the Masters at a camp.

(4) School memberships:

  • To be a certified school with the IMAF, the owner/instructor MUST be in good standing with the IMAF.
  • They must have submitted a letter requesting membership with an explanation of intent.
  • They must attend one IMAF camp per year (mandatory).
  • They must host any IMAF Master of their choosing one time a year for a seminar and school evaluation/quality control.
  • They must have written approval from the Masters. The fee will be $200.00 for first time schools for the first year and then $150.00 for every year after.
  • -If the school has been previously registered, the fee is $150.00 every year.
  • School memberships will run from July 1st until the following July 1st.

The Masters are very excited to announce that the first membership meeting will be held at the 2013 Michigan Summer Camp at Master Gauss’ school in Westland, Michigan.

Forms will be on hand for EVERYONE TO REGISTER. We will have an open IMAF meeting on the Saturday evening of the Michigan camp. We ask that all of you attend. The Masters view this as a very important meeting and at a critical juncture in the history of the IMAF. This is everyone’s chance to be involved and make a difference for the future of the IMAF and Modern Arnis.

This membership meeting will focus on building membership, building working relations with the body with a very open, approachable, accessible group of Masters. We are looking for people to volunteer with the growth of the IMAF, LLC.

If you are interested in assisting with the growth of this great organization please contact any of us and let us know how you would like to help.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.