Letter to Arnis Masters


Dear Master Ken, Master Chuck, Master Brian, Master Gabby, Master Earl, and the rest of the IMAF Family:

Words cannot adequately express how grateful my husband Craig and I are after receiving your generous and incredibly thoughtful donation.  What a wonderful act of love and kindness you have shown us and others as we continue to rebuild our homes and our lives after the devastating flood from Hurricane Harvey.   I tried making a few phone calls to thank individuals personally, but I could not get very far before I would start crying.  Since I am a better writer than speaker when it comes to things like this, I thought it would be best to write you all a letter.  That way I don’t leave anyone or anything out, and I can reread it and always remember what you have done for us.

As incredibly difficult and challenging as those events were and still continue to be financially, emotionally, and physically for everyone who went through it, many good things have come out of it.  We were offered a unique opportunity to see God’s love, protection, and provision in action, displayed in the many caring faces and acts of kindness by friends and family as well as the many neighbors we had never even met before.  This experience serves as one of God’s tools to train and test us in order to mold us into the people he intended us to be:  People that love and serve Him by loving and serving others.

I am never surprised, but I am always amazed at how God moves through the minds and hearts of such kind people as yourselves.  My husband and I much prefer to be the ones helping and giving to others.  However, this experience has reminded us of how very blessed we are and has humbled us greatly.  

I’m so thankful to be surrounded by a very special family of Arnisadors who care about what happens to others.  My husband and I are eternally grateful to all of you.  I wish I could give each of you a great big, giant hug, but I guess I will have to wait until the Houston Camp, then the Michigan Camp, then the Chicago Camp, etc.  Here’s a thought:  What would happen if I attended every camp offered?  It would take a while, but my crushing hug technique would be perfected by then.  Maybe I will put it into my Tapi-Tapi when I get to train with you all again!  

Until then, may God bless you all, and may each of you have a very Merry Christmas.  


Barbara and Craig Roll

League City, Texas